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Seven Elements of Sustainable Success


We held a briefing and roundtable discussion on the Seven Elements of Sustainable Success in London in October and are looking to run a similar event in Singapore on the 4 December.
Building a sustainable business is difficult and it is not a surprise that many companies struggle to find the best way to develop, grow and thrive.

Our experience is that those organisations that perform optimally pay attention to seven elements that seem to enhance their ability to sustain their success over time.

The elements they have in common are:

Ambition: They are driven by an ambition that comes from the top.
Leadership team: There is a strong leadership team who work together to drive performance.
Core ideology: The business has a purpose and values that are meaningful and lived by people.
Vision & strategy: There is a clear vision and strategy around which the organisation is aligned.
Engagement & mobilisation: People in the organisation are mobilised and engaged.
Alignment: The organisation’s structures, processes and behaviours are supportive of the strategy and culture.
Renewal: The business has the ability to adapt, change and bring on new leaders over time.

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