Businesses are spending heavily on recruiting and developing young talent through direct entry graduate schemes and other early careers programmes, yet 25% of companies have unfilled positions due to graduates' perceived lack of employable skills.


Whilst the transformation in further education funding has increased the​ focus of both universities and students on employability, this is failing to provide the personalised support students require in their moment of need. Many young people are feeling overwhelmed as they take their first steps on their career, resulting in high numbers of employees becoming disengaged and uninspired in their work.

So, what’s being​​ done about it? There’s a gaping divide in who owns the problem; employees look to their employers to take the lead and provide visibility of their future career options, while businesses expect the individual to take control. 

ME+® fills the gap. It brings employees closer to the organisation’s objectives, makes this relevant to their own career choices and guides them on how they might fulfil their potential, right now, tomorrow and in the future.  ME+® puts people in control of their own careers and how to achieve their ambitions. ​

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