Telos Partners was founded around the belief that organisations are
the product of their relationships, rather than just the sum of their transactions. Organisations need to be considered not only as
economic enterprises, but also as complex networks of relationships and ​human interactions.​

We believe therefore that change can only be accomplished effectively in organisations by addressing behavioural change in parallel with strategy development and implementation. To be successful any initiative must address these two elements in tandem, with an equal focus on both the rational and emotional process of change.


Our purpose is to create long-term sustainable success for our clients, our business and ourselves.

We aspire to leave the world ‘better’ than we entered it. For us this will be personally fulfilling and protect the legacy of our work.

Vision of Success

To be the firm at the leading edge of sustainable transformation
– with a reputation to match.


We have a desire to know and learn, investigate and discover


We are prepared to take a different view and challenge orthodox thinking


We work with each other to achieve the best outcome for ourselves and our clients


We are liberal with our time and effort to share ungrudgingly with our clients and our people