At Telos, we are passionate about the work we do.

Our business is built on a shared sense of purpose and values to which we are all strongly committed, and we strive to stay true to these in everything we do. We practise what we preach – we are committed to long-term relationships.

Our team is experienced in the business world – most of our consultants have extensive experience leading and managing business teams themselves. This means they are able to relate to, and assist with, the personal and team challenges faced by our clients.

Our engagements are defined in terms of outcomes, not inputs – we really care about achieving what our clients want as teams and as individuals, as well as for their business. We often invest time and energy in our relationships beyond the ‘call of duty’.

Above all, our relationships, internally and externally, are generous and open, built on mutual trust and a passion for facilitating each other’s learning and personal development. ​