For organisations to create sustainable success, in an ever changing and dynamic world, they constantly need to find new ways to adapt, improve and reinvent what they do and how they do it.

This opportunity for innovation lies not just in new products and services but also in structures, processes and behaviours. To truly master this challenge requires the whole organisation to excel across the innovation process, from inception, through development and into action. We have found that there are three key areas to embedding innovation within an organisation’s DNA:

1. Defining a broad innovation agenda supported by a disciplined process

2. Creating a fertile environment

3. Providing adaptive leadership

Creating an environment where innovation is seen as a fundamental part of the day job for everyone is one of the major challenges facing organisations today. In a world that is moving so fast, the price of standing still is great. When organisations are able to embed innovation within their DNA they not only create a major competitive advantage but also unlock the door to long-term sustainable success.

Sigmoid Curve

Judging the timing of change can be challenging, particularly when everything seems to be going well. Scan the horizon and prepare for what’s coming.

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