Employers find themselves facing a complex conundrum. They can no longer afford to offer employees the types of benefits they once did, while for the first time there are five different generations in the workforce – from Baby Boomers through to Millennials – all with different expectations, desires and needs. In short, organisations need to transform their approach to talent to keep pace with the fast-changing environment in which they are operating.

At Telos, we have identified four things that help organisations enable particularly their younger employees (but also those of other generations) to be more successful:

1. Put people in control of their own career and learning. Remove ambiguity, enable people to take control and responsibility for their career and learning.

2. Equip people with the skills to be self-directed. Provide them with the opportunity to develop their own self-awareness and ability to develop their own vision of success.

3. Provide them with a toolkit and support. Support mass adoption by providing a consistent approach through a toolkit to support implementation. Through ME+, Telos provides a free, simple and intuitive app that allows individuals to take control of their career (bespoke versions can be tailored for organisations).

4. Make the experience enjoyable and fulfilling. Motivate people to overcome the inevitable challenges and create an environment where everyone supports each other to succeed.

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