Our clients are ambitious leaders who are looking to build a long-term sustainable organisation. We work with them to create sustainable success which we do through addressing the hard and soft elements of strategic and organisational change (view Telos in Action).

Our clients most value our:

  • Genuine interest in their success as individuals
  • Ability to have the crucial and challenging conversation
  • Curiosity and understanding of their business agenda
  • Our bespoke and non-formulaic approach to our work that delivers on outcomes, not inputs
  • Our thought leadership on long term sustainable success
  • Demonstrable and generous commitment to long term business relationships
  • Real world experience
  • Approach to transferring learning into the organisations


Successful change is typically anchored by an individual who has the ambition and determination to lead for the long-term in spite of any perceived obstacles

That individual assembles the right team around them who are capable and committed to face the challenge together

Real clarity of purpose and values is essential to enable change to occur without threatening the identity of the organisation

The leadership team works with a widening circle of key people to develop a shared vision and strategic framework for success

The whole organisation is fully engaged by enabling them to participate in the debate, to explore implications together for their specific areas of work and to feed in their ideas

Organisation structure, processes and behaviours are systematically aligned to the new direction across the organisation

The organisation embeds the learning and builds the capability to adapt continuously so that success is sustained

Read our viewpoint on sustainable success:


For further information please contact Peter Ward: pward@telospartners.com