"I share the conviction that sustainable success for a business is dependent on taking a long-term view, not just on hitting short-term targets."



With seven fast-paced years as a Commodities Trader in London behind me, I moved to Australia in 2003 to join a Corporate Advisory partnership (and to be a part of the Rugby World Cup!). After four years experiencing the pain and thrill of running a start-up company, I was invited to help companies of all sizes identify growth opportunities and then devise and implement strategies to maximise these. I worked across a range of industries from Digital Entertainment to Travel, helping business leaders continuously innovate, communicate and embrace change. I advised multi-nationals on new growth strategies, Member Organisations on mergers and acquisitions, and entrepreneurs on how to commercialise their dreams.


One of the main challenges I found was aligning a high-performing leadership team around an ambitious vision – without this alignment it was very difficult to drive a supporting strategy and achieve the business’ long-term goals. On returning to England in 2013, I joined Telos Partners as I felt its approach to achieving sustainable success for businesses was based on driving alignment of all stakeholders, external and internal, and taking a long-term view rather than just aiming for short-term targets. Since then, I have worked with several major global companies in a range of industries including engineering, Private Equity, industrial, FMCG and consumer healthcare. Alongside amazing colleagues with complimentary skills, I have focused on post-merger integration, helping senior leaders define and achieve their ambitions, building and strengthening leadership teams, articulating long-term visions and supporting strategies, and helping leaders align all stakeholders in what they want to achieve. The work is challenging and sometimes very difficult as we seek to continuously challenge the status quo, but this has led to fulfilling and trusting long-term relationships with some great clients.



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