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Mindset Advantage: partnering with Matthew Syed Consulting to bring growth mindset to our clients

We are very excited about the partnership we have been developing with Matthew Syed Consulting and how we have been applying Mindset Advantage with our clients to the problems they are facing in this rapidly changing world.

Matthew Syed Consulting developed Mindset Advantage, which is a tool that provides the individuals in the organisations with a precise read out of where they are in terms of their attitude to change (their mindset). This allow us to measure and track change through time to achieve long-term enduring success.

We at Telos have been exploring the commercial impact of developing a growth mindset with clients and have observed significant energy for the exploration of learning, feedback, collaboration and creativity amongst individuals and teams and improved organizational agility as a result. Our work in establishing the foundations for, and supporting the transformation to, long term sustainable performance has been greatly assisted.

To hear more about the importance of growth mindset and our partnership, check out the video with Matthew Syed and Peter Ward.

Contact us to find out more about Mindset Advantage and how we apply it with our clients.

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