The last year has been the biggest test of leadership in our living history.

For organisations, large and small, to not just survive - but to thrive into the next century, will require a special kind of leader.

Using your own thoughts, ideas and experiences: 

  • what do you believe the qualities of a leader that  is able to lead a company not only to short-term success, but one that will be successful for many generations to come are; and

  • what areas in particular does that leader need to focus on to ensure that enduring and long-lasting success? 

Entries close on Thursday 27 May 2021 (12noon)

Here at Telos Partners we believe in long-term, sustainable success and performance.

One of the key factors in achieving sustainable success is to ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are considered and addressed.

But how else can you establish a sustainable and successful business?




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“Taking part in the essay competition gave me the opportunity to explore and deepen my understanding surrounding a really interesting subject matter. Winning the competition gave me more confidence in my essay writing ability which has helped me in all aspects of life and the mentoring sessions with Telos were invaluable! Thank you so much for everything!” 

— Izzy Jackson

Winner 2020 Competition

award ceremony.jpg

“I initially entered the competition to reflect upon my own experiences having participated in the YE company programme and to share what I learnt about business leadership and success. But I now feel that my confidence in writing about a subject that I previously knew very little about has been lifted, and the competition has really helped me in this way. Winning the Sustainable Success Award was such an incredible honour that I am so grateful to have achieved, especially since I believe the message in my essay was an important one which applies both within and outside of the business world.”

— Danielle Hardy

Winner 2019 Competition