One of the key factors in sustainable success is to ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are considered and addressed. But how else can you establish a sustainable and successful business?



“The essay competition challenged me to take concepts and apply them to real-life situations, to think from the perspective of an insider trying to inspire change, rather than as an objective outsider” – Scott Ferreira, Winner 2014


Launched in 2013, this competition allows us to engage the next generation of business leaders to think about how to achieve long-term success.  Once again, we have teamed up with Young Enterprise (, the UK’s leading charity empowering young people to harness their business and personal skills.  We know that the Young Enterprise Programmes provide an excellent learning experience, as well as being great fun to participate in. But what impact will that learning have on your career and success over the coming years? What have you learnt as a result of taking part in a Young Enterprise Programme that will help you establish a successful business?

How do I enter?

All you need to do is to write no less than 500 and no more than 2,000 words, addressing the following challenge:

“Reflecting on your recent experience of setting up and running your own company, write an article for a magazine for business leaders outlining:

  • What all business leaders need to focus on to make their companies successful and sustainable in the long-term.
  • What difference do the people in your business make to long-term sustainable success and what does the company do to attract and retain them?”

Information on how to take part, including full entry criteria can be found here Entry-criteria  ENTRIES NEED TO BE RECEIVED BY 30 SEPTEMBER 2018.

If you have any questions or queries please contact Coralie Hooper:  

Competition winners from previous years

Sir John Armitt CBE and Daniel Sabido sm                          John Kay CBE and Scott Ferrier sm

Daniel Sabido with Sir John Armitt CBE                     Scott Ferreria with John Kay