Of course, we are all in survival mode and making sure that we can keep going through
the lockdown/isolation phase in each of our countries. Difficult to make time to think about
the future and yet we know we will have to soon. And when we do, we will need to
contemplate a ‘new normal’ as, for many, this won’t be about picking up where we left off:

  • Some industries will be shaped differently. For example, will the airlines need to
    consolidate in order to survive? Will the cruise industry ever be the same? Will some of
    our industrials become victims of predatory investor groups?
  • Consumer choices may be shaped by attitudes witnessed during the crisis. While it
    would seem that price will always be a factor in peoples’ choice, will we return to the
    pubs and restaurants that laid off staff without too much care and consideration?
  • We have enhanced our skills and so many more people are comfortable with
    technology. With enforced use of on-line shopping and increased use of
    videoconferencing, will we ever go back to the way it used to be? There were trends
    before, but maybe this will be the final straw for many high street retailers. And maybe
    we will have found new ways to make human connections without a significant travel

And there are some broader issues that need to be contemplated. Do we want to go back
to a system that, for example:

  • Places public services under resource constraints through lack of adequate funding and
    poor contingency planning
  • Leaves companies perilously close to impending doom, with many businesses
    struggling to sustain their activities beyond three months
  • Needs a crisis to unleash the creative talents that exist but have been ignored for the
    need to generate near term profits?

There is an opportunity to press the reset button, if we choose to do so, and we at Telos
Partners want to explore what this might look like and whether ‘new normal’ is likely to be
radically different.

Our interest is in the sustainable success of organisations and for the last twenty years we
have been working with organisations that share this long-term view of organisational
success. We are offering a short survey and conducting interviews with senior executives
of clients and friends to consider the post pandemic world and to understand whether
there is a desire and or a need for tomorrow to be different from yesterday.

You can access the survey by clicking on thisĀ Link

Survey responses and interviews will be confidential and comments will be unattributed.
We will aim to publish at least our preliminary findings by 30 June 2020.

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