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Creating 'Momentum' for a winning culture

Developing and implementing a winning culture focused on behaviours which drive commercial success, while being grounded in the company values results in accelerated growth and superior employee engagement

"The Momentum stories provide tangible proof of how collaboration has delivered practical business results."

Despite reasonable results the business had continuously missed its targets for five year and as a result, was perceived as failing to deliver.


How did we help?

The initiative began at the company’s ‘Momentum’ World Conference. First we worked with the Senior Leadership Team to identify and define behaviours to drive collaboration and develop a winning culture.

  • Trust and Believe

  • Support and Build

  • Step Out and Speak Up


Then we helped establish and support a network of people who would champion living these new behaviours. These people were natural influencers rather than formal leaders within the business. Subsequent world conferences showcased ‘Momentum’ and the winning culture, top stories were featured and awards given for excellence. This was supplemented with the launch of a ‘One Global Business’ concept, along with the design and delivery of workshops to coach senior teams to move from control to collaboration. Levels of engagement were measured regularly.


What were the outcomes?

The Senior Leadership Team continually reinforces the desired behaviours under the ‘Win with Momentum’ banner using the Momentum stories which provide tangible proof of how collaboration has delivered practical business results. The company has beaten budget for the past four consecutive years, delivering on numbers and fulfilling potential.  Momentum has also generated a significant increase in the number of new products and opportunities for growth.  As a result the company is now perceived as a great place to work, offering a destination career path and consequently there has been a massive increase in quality people applying to work there.


Hard components

  • Numbers achieved and budgets beaten for four consecutive years

  • Engagement levels measured regularly

  • Tangible evidence of practical business achievement


Soft components

  • Behaviours for a winning culture identified and embedded throughout the organisation

  • Exemplars of collaboration at every level

  • Company is perceived as a great place to work

  • Massive increase in quality people

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