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We are a global team united in one purpose – to create sustainable success for our clients, our business and ourselves. 

About us

Telos was founded in 2000 by a group of individuals who believed that organisations are the product of their relationships, rather than just the sum of their transactions.

Their drive led to the employee-owned consultancy that Telos is today.


We engage with the aspirational, operational and behavioural aspects of our clients' organisations. We know that each of these aspects are influenced by the distinctive culture of each organisation.


We describe culture as ‘how we do things around here’. Our culture has a core set of behaviours that guide how each one of us can share our purpose and values in action, not just words.


Here’s a glimpse into how our clients and colleagues experience our culture.



We have a desire to know and learn, investigate and discover.

Recognising that each client has unique needs and circumstances keeps us listening and learning.


We are prepared to take a different view and challenge orthodox thinking.


​We are liberal with our time and effort to share ungrudgingly with our clients and our people.


We work with each other to achieve the best outcome for ourselves and our clients. 

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True to our purpose, we established The Telos Foundation to bring more focus on how we advocate for sustainable success.

To learn more about what we are doing and the impact we are having have a look at the website.


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Meet our Team

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We always enjoy meeting people who are excited about our purpose and ambition.

If you would like a conversation, then please contact us.
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