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Leaders constantly need to balance managing the present, creating the future and nurturing their organisation’s identity to achieve sustainable success over time.
We help you achieve this.
The way we work

To create long-term success, we believe that both the ‘hard’ and the ‘soft’ aspects of the organisation need to be considered. Based on our experience, this entails seven elements that need constant attention for a business to build and sustain success over time.


Take a look at the elements below and reflect on your own organisational journey by taking our quick assessment.

We don’t ask for contact details and it is completely anonymous.



Successful change is typically anchored by an individual who has the ambition and determination to lead for the long-term in spite of any perceived obstacles.

Is there someone in the leadership who cares about the enduring success of the organisation and is prepared to dedicate themselves to assuring it?

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Self-determination and Ambition



That individual assembles the right team around them who are capable and committed to face the challenge together.

Are key positions in the leadership team filled by individuals who share a view on the enduring success and are prepared to play their part in its achievement?

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Leadership Formation
Core Ideology


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Real clarity of purpose and values is essential to enable change to occur without threatening the identity of the organisation.

Is the reason for the organisation’s existence clear to all people in the organisation?

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Vision and Strategy


The leadership team works with a widening circle of key people to develop a shared vision and strategic framework for success.

Is there an articulation of what success will look like to each stakeholder and the steps needed to achieve it?

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The whole organisation is fully engaged by enabling them to participate in the debate, to explore implications together for their specific areas of work and to feed in their ideas.

Are all internal audiences engaged in the development of the organisation and involved in the creation and maintenance of the organisation’s purpose and values?

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Engagement and mobilisation


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Organisation structure, processes and behaviours are systematically aligned to the new direction across the organisation.

Does the organisation’s operating framework (systems and processes) align with the purpose, values, vision and strategy so that the link is evident?

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The final component, or the next step on the journey, to sustainable success is renewal. The organisation embeds the learning and builds the capability to adapt continuously so that success is sustained.

Is there a stated commitment to the renewal of the organisation backed by a process to assure the future for generations to come?

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