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Refreshed approach results in transformational growth 

A complete organisational change in the global energy division of  and engineering group was supported by an integrated engagement program, resulting in significant renewed growth.

"The business has subsequently grown organically and through further acquisitions and increased its annual turnover by over 40%."

When the MD of a multinational became concerned about confused organisational structure and lack of accountability, he knew dramatic changes had to be made. But he didn't want to risk losing some of his best people. So he turned to Telos to help create and implement an engagement programme that brought everyone on board – inspiring, influencing and guiding them to make positive changes to improve business performance together...

Critical concerns and enforced urgency
In July 2012, the MD of the Energy Division of a global engineering group came to us with concerns about his organisation’s lack of clarity. Following several acquisitions, he felt there was little or no accountability for problems and issues that arose. Customers were confused about who to talk to, and his attempts to resolve the situation were also frustrated.

The MD wanted to re-organise his business around market-facing service lines, and he wanted in all in place by 1 January 2013 to meet the next strategic planning round. His real concern was how to manage the change without losing some key country managers, whose roles and influence he knew had to change dramatically.

Clearly communicating the case for change
We worked with the MD and his senior team to understand and develop a clear and compelling story on why the changes were needed and started to define the outline organisation. An overall programme to manage the changes followed and we set up a project room, using visual management to keep the senior team engaged, motivated and progressing swiftly. Throughout the programme, risks were identified and mitigated. We designed and managed a comprehensive communications and engagement programme, ensuring all senior manages whose roles were changing understood the case for change and had a voice and influence in the evolution and the changes that affected them.

Delivering positive results all round
The newly defined organisation went live on 1 January, with all of the country managers staying and assuming their new responsibilities. The business has subsequently grown organically and through further acquisitions and increased its annual turnover by over 40%.


Engaged and on-track at all times
We helped the Energy Division to identify and implement improvements across each of the Think, Believe and Act phases of our offer – by defining a successful strategy, aligning the top team and embracing sustainable transformation. Although the preparatory work undertaken with both the MD personally and then his senior team was critical to the overall success of this project, the business probably realised the most value in the Act phase, as the change programme was actually implemented. We progressed at pace, keeping senior managers engaged and actions on track throughout – despite the demanding timeframe.

Hard components

  • Overall programme to manage changes while mitigating risks

  • Comprehensive engagement programme for manager buy-in

  • Embedded new accountabilities along market-facing service lines


Soft components

  • Created greater clarity of roles and responsibilities on a global scale

  • Senior team always engaged, with required actions moving at pace

  • All of the country managers understood and accepted changes, choosing to stay with the business

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