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The sum of our relationships achieves long-term success

The consumer healthcare division of a large pharmaceutical company redefines its culture and strategy to unlock significant growth beyond initial expectation

"Thank you for all your support and insights over the last few years. Our story is your story, and I hope we will continue to work together for many more years to come."

When Telos Partners was founded in 2000, we started to work with the Consumer Healthcare Division of a German global pharmaceutical company.

Ambition and determination

The leader of the UK and Ireland business had an ambition to double the net sales in two years. We helped him achieve this by establishing clarity of the Purpose of the business, the Values, Behaviours and developed a Strategy with them that changed the way they were structured to a brand category management system and their subsequent route to market.



Further to achieving his ambition for the UK this leader moved through the business to become the Global Vice President of Consumer Healthcare. The strength of this relationship and our knowledge of the business and its people have enabled us to successfully replicate our approach with most of the countries and markets in the world where the business operates.


Cultural sensitivity

We develop empathy for our approach by conducting workshops and support in the local language, although the business language is English, discussions in German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Chinese, when required, have enabled a greater depth of understanding.



The challenge is to leverage local country or regional knowledge of markets whilst aligning the whole Consumer Healthcare organisation with the global Purpose, Values, Behaviours, Vision and Strategy – a truly ‘Global’ organisation.



The key to making this a success has been to develop collaborative behaviours and subsequent relationships within Consumer Healthcare: between the leaders of countries, regions, corporate multifaceted functions and the key stakeholders: consumers, shoppers and customers.


Working together

Using our IP we have developed bespoke applications with the client so that they can create a behavioural shift and align outcomes across Mature and Emerging Markets.

Sustainable transformation

Our approach has enabled the client to lead outcomes that combine the hard elements of execution with the soft behaviours that form the foundation of the One Consumer Healthcare Global Strategy.

The level of success achieved has been almost beyond the client’s imagination many years ago.

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