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Creating success in emerging markets

Completely transforming the emerging market region of a large Consumer Healthcare business, implementing a new operating model and starting to deliver on a new vision

"We were not realising our potential. We had no strategy, few people with the right experience and no operating principles or commercial structures."

The Emerging Markets OTC activity of a European global pharmaceutical company was moved to the Consumer Healthcare (CHC) division. The head of the division realised that the CHC businesses in the Emerging Markets were not realising their potential and needed to become more commercial. It had no strategy, few people with the right experience and no operating principles and commercial structures.

How did we help?

We worked with the head of Emerging Markets to identify ‘what success looked like’ for the head of Emerging Markets and for the organisation. We supported him to establish an Emerging Markets Leadership Team (EMLT) and to build the foundations for it to function as a high performing team. We helped the EMLT to create and implement a new operating model for Emerging Markets, with Leadership Teams and an organisation in each country. We worked with the LTs to create an identity, ‘vision and strategy’ and operating model for each emerging market. In each country or region, the LT aligned their country’s strategy and operating model to the Emerging Markets’ model that was aligned with a new divisional strategy of ‘Operational Excellence’. We also helped the leadership team to identify key internal and external stakeholders for Emerging Markets, develop communications and influencing strategies and thus build stronger relationships with key stakeholders.


What were the outcomes?

In the first year the Emerging Markets’ businesses exceeded expectations for Net Sales and Profit and established organisations in each of the regions and large countries, which were aligned and able to accelerate growth.


Hard components

  • Clarity of vision and strategy for Emerging Markets

  • Key internal and external stakeholders identified and managed

  • Design and implementation of new Operating Model


Soft components

  • New set of leadership behaviours for the Emerging Markets LT

  • LTs and regional LTs are aligned with the leadership behaviours

  • Collaborative behaviours are evidenced across the Emerging Markets businesses

  • Workshops delivered in local languages (German, French, Portuguese,  Spanish and Chinese)

  • Coaching of leaders within the LT

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