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Self-managed career development

Putting a large and rapidly expanding workforce in control of their own career development, supporting high motivation and commitment

“It brings value to users, and forces us to think about the support that they need to achieve success.”

The client is a professional services provider, recruiting and training business and IT graduates and ex-forces personnel for over 130 clients worldwide. It is one of the largest IT graduate employers in its markets. It aims ‘to create and inspire exciting careers that shape our digital future’. To continue its rapid growth the company needs to broaden its reach and support people throughout their careers. One of its biggest challenges was to maintain connection with its consultant workforce whilst they worked on client sites...

How did we help?
We helped them to build a ”career community” of people who have a passion for their own development and are generous in supporting the growth of others. Central to this was ME+, a career development app we created that puts people in charge of their own career. Through workshops with the target audience we built a deep understanding of the support people need to achieve their ambitions. All new recruits are given ME+ in their first week, allowing them to self-manage their learning, plan their career development and build their technical and professional skills.


What were the outcomes?
Career development is now part of the everyday language of the organisation and people are in charge of their own development. New recruits are trained in the skills needed to be self-directing. Support to consultants who work remotely has been designed around their needs, with a mentoring programme and regular career checkpoint discussion, resulting in reduced administration, deeper relationships and stronger engagement.


Hard components

  • ME+ toolkit that puts people in control

  • Design thinking that takes long term ambitions and breaks them down into actions and milestones

  • Employees supported through mentoring programme


Soft components

  • Employees motivated to achieve career success

  • Greater engagement amongst employees, especially those working remotely

  • Group values of “ambition” and “always learning” evidenced through use of the toolkit

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