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Winning Major Opportunities in
Bids &Pursuits

Building credibility to enhance Firm’s reputation in the marketplace to win new work

“These skills aren’t just for winning new work – it’s core to all the work we do"

Client Challenge

As the regulatory environment in Financial Services gets even tighter, a fast-growing global accounting firm identified that their Audit Partners and Directors needed to be more diligent as to how they identify, pursue, and convert strategically important major Audit Pursuits. They required not just the knowledge of “what” to do when pursuing new opportunities, but more importantly, “how” to do it in a world where people are still at the heart of the decision making, but any relationship has to be completely independent. 

How We Supported

We worked closely with the Clients and Markets Partner and the internal bids & pursuits team, who had created their process, and developed a programme of development which brought to life that process and enabled participants to look at how they applied the skills required to their own real-life pursuits.


The programme included a case-study, using professional role-players, to enable participants to get real-time feedback on their interactions and how they built their own credibility. We also worked alongside the internal bids & support team specialists as they worked with participants on real opportunities – the aim to enable the programme to become delivered internally.


Following the initial two pilot programmes, the client views the activity as an essential component of their growth strategy. Participants are clearer, more focused on and confident in their longer-term sales strategy. They are going back to their local offices to share the learning with others. Such has been the impact, there is now a waiting list for Partners and Directors who are eager to develop their own understanding of the process and enhance their skillset to have more impactful conversations with potential opportunities.


  • Audit Partners and Directors clear on how to priortise and pursue target opportunities

  • Participants more confident in their skills to connect, listen and build credibility with targeted pursuits

  • Raised profile of the internal bids & pursuits team – they are actively being sought out to support new opportunities

  • A credible list of opportunities to pursue which aligns to the Firm’s strategic plan

  • Already applying the tools and skills to all parts of working life resulting in real fee-increases and pushing back when right to do so

“This helped me negotiate a 40% increase in fee”

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