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ToPiC: unlocking the real potential of your appraisals

Written by Peter Ward, 14 March 2023

Introducing a tool for tailoring performance appraisals to focus on the future

I have just published an article on the assessment of behaviours as well as results proposing that we take a look at a performance appraisal process that will:

• add precision to the definition of behaviours

• incorporate an assessment of observed behaviours in the appraisal process

• aggregate team and organisational performance to learn from general trends and

• improve our ability to feedback to improve performance and confidence.

In our work with clients to date, we were doing well on three of the above, but struggling to find a tool that provided the flexibility to design into processes that differ with each client.

Born of necessity, the Telos Digital team created ‘ToPiC’* to support an appraisal process that was designed to get a more complete review of performance: not just what we do, but the way we do it.

ToPiC provides a secure, confidentiality-assured process to enable people to participate fully in a periodic performance review, embracing both behaviours and results. With the emphasis on business critical behaviours, we have a platform to explore areas where future performance can be enhanced through building positive behaviours and addressing the negative. To illustrate (using dummy data):

With this platform we can take well defined behaviours, acknowledged as essential to the business model, and request observations on frequency and specific examples from those in contact with each individual. Not only do we have data to enable a well-documented performance review, but also the capability to aggregate organisation wide data to assist a broader understanding of where support may need to be developed.

Using data captured in ToPiC we have been able to generate, with ease, summaries to help our clients’ feedback sessions. These have been particularly successful as the discussions have been on areas where maintaining positive behaviours is acknowledged and where changes are identified to enhance future effectiveness.

If you would like to find out more about ToPiC, and how it could boost appraisals in your organisation, let me know.

Keeping the flexibility but losing the administrative hassle

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*ToPiC: Tracker (of) Performance and (improved) Confidence. I know it is contrived, but it does emphasise what appraisal should be all about!

Peter Ward is Chairman and Co-Founder of Telos Partners, an advisory business focused on long term business success


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