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Creating sustainable success for our clients,
our business and ourselves

Adam Campbell

APRIL 2024 

We are delighted to share our latest news in a month that marks the 24th anniversary for Telos. It has been busy start to the year in the ongoing pursuit of our purpose to create sustainable success for our clients, our business and ourselves. We have continued to support our clients navigate strategy execution, transformation, and organisational challenges.


Following the announcement of Telos and Jeremy Gadd Associates merging to leverage the benefits of employee ownership and voice, we have been working closely together on some exciting and existing opportunities. Further announcements on our journey together will continue through the year.
We have continued to add strength to the range of services we can bring to our clients. As featured in our last newsletter, Career Transition is benefiting some of our clients by giving individuals support and space to clarify their future career aspirations and passions.  Please contact
Kamylla if you wish to discover more.


This month, we are delighted to share more on how we integrate Photo Coaching into our work. Having been through the experience myself, I can highly recommend the process to any leader out there. The art of storytelling through image is, as ever, an important and powerful medium for leadership impact.

Our Clients

Our clients are from all sectors and sizes. This recent work with this client outlines the importance of culture to unify a sense of 'one business' after recent growth through acquisitions. 

How a new CEO used one shared culture to consolidate growth from acquisitions

Our Business

Photo coaching

Visual storytelling is one of the most powerful ways of communication today. Visual stories are revolutionising the way we persuade audience with our messages.

Photo Coaching is a unique methodology based on the use of photography and portraiture as an Executive Coaching tool.

  • It is not only about portraiture and coaching. Its about authenticity.

  • It is helping our clients reflect deeper on what matters to them.

  • It is enhancing the work we do with our clients in a tangible way. 

  • It is based on research and evidence-based studies.

  • It is helping our clients to see themselves with a different perspective.





If you would like to know more about how photo coaching can support your career, please contact Patricia.

Our People

We are so grateful to be able to lead our business and collaborate with such an amazing group of curious, courageous, generous and collaborative colleagues.

Our colleague, Emma Jordan, started her career at Telos. Emma shares the story of her Telos journey to date.

We are keen to have conversations with those who would be interested in being part of either our business support or client support function.

Emma Jordan
I joined Telos Partners almost two years ago. It was my first step into the professional world and, coupled with the fact that I was also moving countries, I felt quite daunted.
Seeing my colleagues demonstrate their commitment to our core values of curiosity, collaboration, generosity and courage significantly eased the transition into this new role.

I have been given opportunities to work on complex projects and have delivered support to some of our most high-profile clients, and throughout Telos’s emphasis on teamwork has given me the support and encouragement that I’ve needed to grow and thrive. Senior colleagues have always been generous and willing to share their knowledge and insights, providing me with invaluable mentorship and guidance as I navigate new challenges. Despite the inevitable hurdles and moments of uncertainty, the satisfaction of witnessing projects come to fruition and clients' goals being achieved has been incredibly rewarding.

I have always been encouraged to adopt a growth mindset, step out of my comfort zone and voice my ideas without fear of judgment. This has fuelled my desire to continually seek new opportunities for learning and development, driving me forward on my professional journey. By aligning with these values, my first two years have been characterised not by fear, but by a sense of empowerment and excitement for the possibilities that lie ahead.

As I reflect on my formative experiences, I'm eager to continue growing, contributing, and making a meaningful impact in the pursuit of sustainable success.

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