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Celebrating sustainable success in 2023
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Adam Campbell

2023 in Review

The closing of year (calendar, financial, religious, or other) provides a useful opportunity for renewal and reflection on:

  • What is your purpose?

  • What progress have you made?

  • What learning has been made?

  • How has your ambition evolved?

  • What is your focus for 2024?


Here we share some of our own reflections to these questions and encourage your to do similar – all the much more fun in person we think!


These reflections centre on our purpose around helping to create sustainable success for our clients, our business and ourselves.

Our Clients

Amidst the challenging economic environment, geopolitical instability and environmental change, in search of green shoots, shards of light and a more collaborative world, we celebrate the ambition, progress and success of one of our clients.

Case study.png

Our Business

During 2023, we have taken stock of what excites and motivates us (the feedback we have received from clients on the impact we have had on their leadership, their team and their organisation). We renewed our own commitment and ambition for our business to build a purposeful and perpetual business that is here for generations to come - a true creator of wealth, consisting of:

  • an ever growing pool of business leaders who are raving fans of the ‘Telos Magic’ and lifelong clients and friends

  • a healthy business that is irresistible to like-hearted people, meaningful to own and simple to run

  • a culture where people thrive, feel stronger together and are recognised and rewarded for the value that they create.

We have added capability and focus to our business, which means alongside our depth of experience in strategy execution, change and the realisation of organisational potential, we can also support individuals going through career transitions

At Telos, we are experienced at helping executive leaders to solve their most difficult challenges. Given the nature of our approach, we are frequently called upon to support them through specific career transitions. We are leveraging this expertise as a valuable aspect of our support for people’s sustained success. For 2024, we have comprehensively overhauled our career transition support and are fully prepared to:

Career transitions


If you would like to know more about these opportunities, please contact

Our People

We are so grateful to be able to lead our business and collaborate with such an amazing group of curious, courageous, generous and collaborative colleagues.

One of our new Associate Consultants, Frederic de Rougemont, was a long-time client of Telos. He shares a bit about this transition from client to colleague below.

Frederic de Rougemont

         I was the CEO of a large Joint Venture in the building products sector with a business portfolio of 15 countries across Austral Asia. At the formation of the Joint Venture in 2014, we decided with my team that it was critical to have purpose, vision, and values well defined. This is where Telos came in as a great help to clarify with the Leadership team all what it meant. It led to the development of our cultural framework, which in turn became a tremendous booster for people engagement and therefore performance.

8 years later, the business was acquired by the global industry leader with a great feeling of passing on a successful organisation. It was time for me to turn to advisory, aiming at passing on my own experience to others. Being an associate consultant with Telos gives a wonderful opportunity to do that and contribute to an organisation that I value a lot in terms of its values and business philosophy.

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